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Do You Work For A Micromanager?

  “Yeah, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come into the office this weekend.” ~Lumbergh, Office Space 7 in 10 people report feeling micromanaged at work, yet only 3 in 10 managers self-report micromanagement tendencies. Of course, everyone... Read More

The Top 10 Hiring Mistakes

    Some interviewers lean too heavily on technical skills, others rely solely on personality. Most are fooled by some form of unconscious bias (recency, primacy, “just like me”). In this episode, we look at our egregious mistakes as young... Read More

Why Your Customer Service Sucks (And What You Can Do About It)

  Does your company treat you like trash? In this episode, Frank and Ian dig into the underlying reasons for the miserable state of customer service. From unhappy employees to an overreliance on outsourcing and technology, we discuss steps any... Read More
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