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The GROVER Method: How To Connect With Anyone In 5 Minutes

  Whether you are new to an office, leading a new team, or working in sales, connecting with people is critical. And most people are doing it all wrong. In this episode, we bust out a cheat code to help... Read More

Anatomy Of A $10M Deal (Part 2)

  In this two-part episode, Frank Cava and Ian Mathews break down every detail from a $10M real estate project involving 75 single-family homes in Richmond. This is our first podcast episode where we film together in the same room,... Read More

Business Lessons From “The Godfather” (Part 1 of 3)

  “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” ~Clemenza It would be fair to assume that Frank Cava and Ian Mathews started a podcast just for episodes like this. While most see The Godfather as a gangster movie, Frank and Ian see... Read More
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