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Are You A Multiplier Or A Diminisher?

  In this episode, we dive into a concept made popular by the book, “Multipliers,” by Liz Wiseman. In this book, she looks at two distinctly different types of managers and the impact they have on teams. Multipliers get more... Read More

Are You Ready For This Recession?

  In early Spring, we felt as if an old game had ended and a new one started. No longer were Frank and Ian guessing where we were in the last cycle. Something new and much less forgiving was beginning.... Read More

Steve Trang – Building A Seven-Figure Training Business

  Steve Trang runs a seven-figure coaching business helping real estate businesses improve their sales approach. But after graduating with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from UC San Diego, that path was anything but certain. Steve’s first role out... Read More

Zack Bubb – Finding Your Stride As A First-Time Manager

  Zack Bubb is a long-time fan of the show with one hell of a career trajectory. Recently promoted to manager of a technical team, we talk with Zack about how to establish himself as a leader of his former... Read More

Five Warren Buffett Quotes To Help You Navigate Today’s Economy

  Berkshire Hathaway recently held its 2022 annual meeting. Dubbed the “Lollapalooza for Investors,” Warren and longtime partner, Charlie Munger were in rare form. They answered questions for six hours on topics related to the economy, stock market, inflation, global... Read More

What Keeps Small Business Owners Up At Night

  Running a small business is an emotional roller coaster. You can have the worst morning of your career and the best afternoon all on the same day. In this episode, Frank and Ian talk about how they stay sane... Read More

12 Terrible Money Mistakes

  Growing your net worth isn’t necessarily about what you know. It’s about how you behave. And even really smart people struggle to control their unconscious instincts and biases. Money―investing, personal finance, and business decisions―is typically thought of as a... Read More

The Top 10 Hiring Mistakes

    Some interviewers lean too heavily on technical skills, others rely solely on personality. Most are fooled by some form of unconscious bias (recency, primacy, “just like me”). In this episode, we look at our egregious mistakes as young... Read More

Before You Make That Big Decision

    The human brain makes thousands of daily decisions, most of which have no impact on your long-term success. And when we are faced with a decision that requires deep reflection, we are too often influenced by subconscious bias.... Read More
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