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Can You Run Your Career Like Your Fantasy Football Team? (Repost)

  Frank and Ian compare their fantasy football league to the world of business. Fortunately for Frank, he is much better at execution with his business than he is with his fantasy roster. — Watch the episode here   Listen... Read More

Business Lessons From The Watergate Scandal

  On the 50th anniversary of the infamous Watergate scandal, Frank and Ian dive deep into the lessons from this ugly moment in American history. — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Business Lessons From... Read More

Do You Work For A Micromanager?

  “Yeah, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come into the office this weekend.” ~Lumbergh, Office Space 7 in 10 people report feeling micromanaged at work, yet only 3 in 10 managers self-report micromanagement tendencies. Of course, everyone... Read More

Steve Trang – Building A Seven-Figure Training Business

  Steve Trang runs a seven-figure coaching business helping real estate businesses improve their sales approach. But after graduating with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from UC San Diego, that path was anything but certain. Steve’s first role out... Read More

Zack Bubb – Finding Your Stride As A First-Time Manager

  Zack Bubb is a long-time fan of the show with one hell of a career trajectory. Recently promoted to manager of a technical team, we talk with Zack about how to establish himself as a leader of his former... Read More

Should Top Performers Get “Star Treatment?”

  In this episode, Frank and Ian debate how to lead superstars in a business. In many companies, 80% of the output comes from 20% of the producers. So should those stars be afforded different perks than their peers? *Ian... Read More

Are You A Name-Dropper?

  Frank has been dropping Ian’s name for years, hoping to steal some shine from his golden career. But is this an effective tactic when building a career or business? In this episode, we look into the reasons why people... Read More

The Art Of War With Special Guests David Neal And Jonathan Clark From The Eighth Mile Consulting

  With special guests David Neal and Jonathan Clark from The Eighth Mile Consulting, we break down Sun Tzu’s famous book on strategy and leadership. Given that paintball is as close to combat as Frank and Ian have come, we... Read More

Ten Things That Irritate Your Manager

  Are you an annoying employee? Does your boss wince when she opens your emails? Does your mere presence make your manager think about nails scratching on a chalkboard? In this episode, Frank and Ian grumble about people who annoy... Read More
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