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How We Raised $2,800,000 In A Terrible Market

  In this episode, we discuss the process of raising private capital for a technology startup in 2022. Frank interviews Ian about the recently closed funding round for Keep, an early-stage tech company focused on car security and monitoring. Ian... Read More

10 Steps You Should Take Before A Recession

  The Let Me Speak To A Manger podcast predicted this recession months ago, and now the only question left is how deep it will get. In this episode, we talk about steps we are taking in our businesses and... Read More

Are You Ready For This Recession?

  In early Spring, we felt as if an old game had ended and a new one started. No longer were Frank and Ian guessing where we were in the last cycle. Something new and much less forgiving was beginning.... Read More

Five Warren Buffett Quotes To Help You Navigate Today’s Economy

  Berkshire Hathaway recently held its 2022 annual meeting. Dubbed the “Lollapalooza for Investors,” Warren and longtime partner, Charlie Munger were in rare form. They answered questions for six hours on topics related to the economy, stock market, inflation, global... Read More
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