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10 Steps You Should Take Before A Recession

  The Let Me Speak To A Manger podcast predicted this recession months ago, and now the only question left is how deep it will get. In this episode, we talk about steps we are taking in our businesses and... Read More

Before You Make That Big Decision

    The human brain makes thousands of daily decisions, most of which have no impact on your long-term success. And when we are faced with a decision that requires deep reflection, we are too often influenced by subconscious bias.... Read More

How To Profit From Inflation

  News of inflation is dominating the headlines for the first time in decades. But what does it mean to an investor? In this episode, Frank and Ian talk about how rising prices influence their investing decisions. Disclaimer: Frank and... Read More

“This Time It’s different!” | Making Sense Of The GameStop Stock Market Madness

  We dig into the mania behind the Reddit mob fighting against Wall Street short-sellers and compare it to other bubbles and manias. In particular, we see a close connection with the dot-com bubble and real estate crash of 2007.... Read More
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