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Is It Better To Be Lucky Or Good?

  How much of a role does luck play in a career? When we study the uber-successful, do they leave clues or are they a product of an impossible combination of fortunate events? — Watch the episode here   Listen... Read More

The Myth Of “Quitters Never Win”

  From a young age, we’re told that quitting is a form of weakness. We learn to equate quitting with losing. When it pertains to school or sports teams, this might be solid advice. But from a professional standpoint, it... Read More

Do You Want To Stick It To Your Former Employer?

  Tom Brady left the New England Patriots after 20 years and six championships. He didn’t leave under his terms and tension was bubbling under the surface. His coach, Bill Belichick: “He looked at his options and he made his... Read More

How To Answer Five Of The Most Common Job Interview Questions

  In this episode, we look at five of the most common job interview questions. We start by discussing the purpose of each question from a company’s perspective. Why are these questions valid and how do they help companies make... Read More
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