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Are You Too “Busy” To Be Productive?

  Too many people major in minor things.  Anyone who responds with “busy” every time you ask them how they’re doing is likely not a productive asset to their company. Why are people busy? It’s typically an inability to prioritize,... Read More

How Do You Know When It Is Time To Fire Someone?

  Most new managers try to “fix” every poor performer. This is part ego and part naivety that everyone can be “fixed.” But these employees suck up your time as a manager and keep you from spending time with your... Read More

The Ostrich Effect: Do You Suffer From FOFO?

  The Ostrich Effect explains the peculiar phenomenon where people stick their heads in the sand during lousy times, ignoring troubling information easily accessible to them.  Put differently, FOFO (fear of finding out) can be more dangerous than FOMO (fear... Read More

The GROVER Method: How To Connect With Anyone In 5 Minutes

  Whether you are new to an office, leading a new team, or working in sales, connecting with people is critical. And most people are doing it all wrong. In this episode, we bust out a cheat code to help... Read More

Should You Narrow Your Focus Or Spread Your Bets?

  Prevailing wisdom extolls the virtues of diversification. Spread your effort and investments so that no venture can bring you down. But how much do you know about anything with so little time invested in each? Look at the richest... Read More

Do You Suffer From Negativity Bias?

  Negativity bias is a cognitive bias that explains why negative events or feelings typically have a more significant impact on our psychological state than positive events or feelings, even when they are of equal proportion. In this episode, we... Read More

How To Follow Up After An Interview

  So you nailed the job interview, congratulations. Now what? We’ve got you covered in this episode and our conclusion might surprise you. — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   How To Follow Up After... Read More

Why Do People Cheat?

  Does it feel like more people are cheating? Whether it is chess, walleye fishing tournaments, poker, or CEOs of cryptocurrency exchanges, the news is filled with liars, scammers, and frauds. In this episode, we examine the cheater’s mindset and... Read More

How We Raised $2,800,000 In A Terrible Market

  In this episode, we discuss the process of raising private capital for a technology startup in 2022. Frank interviews Ian about the recently closed funding round for Keep, an early-stage tech company focused on car security and monitoring. Ian... Read More
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