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Ten Reasons Your Presentation Sucks

We waste countless hundreds of hours sitting through boring, sleepy, and hastily-prepared presentations. This episode serves as a warning to would-be public speakers. If we are annoyed by these pitch mistakes, the rest of your audience is also. In this... Read More

Why Is It So Hard To Change A Losing Culture?

  Winning begets more winning and losing begets more losing. Inertia sets in with any team, regardless of how many members are changed out. In this short episode, Frank and Ian lament the trajectory of their favorite football teams and... Read More

Do You Want To Stick It To Your Former Employer?

  Tom Brady left the New England Patriots after 20 years and six championships. He didn’t leave under his terms and tension was bubbling under the surface. His coach, Bill Belichick: “He looked at his options and he made his... Read More

Five Questions To Ask Yourself When You Are Stuck

  With most goals, the hardest part can be starting. Regardless of how much progress we make in one area, most of us feel stuck in others. This episode was inspired by a recent blog post by Seth Godin in... Read More

How To Answer Five Of The Most Common Job Interview Questions

  In this episode, we look at five of the most common job interview questions. We start by discussing the purpose of each question from a company’s perspective. Why are these questions valid and how do they help companies make... Read More

The Art Of War With Special Guests David Neal And Jonathan Clark From The Eighth Mile Consulting

  With special guests David Neal and Jonathan Clark from The Eighth Mile Consulting, we break down Sun Tzu’s famous book on strategy and leadership. Given that paintball is as close to combat as Frank and Ian have come, we... Read More

“The Peter Principle” – Have You Hit Your Ceiling?

  “The Peter Principle” is a book written by Dr. Laurence Peter in 1968. It was written as satire but contained enough truth that it touched a nerve with employees around the world. Today, the concepts in this book are... Read More

How To Use Industrial Property To Replace Your Salary

  In 2017, Ian worked long hours, traveled constantly, and no longer found his work interesting. But like most executives, he was locked in with golden handcuffs in the form of stock options. In this episode, we talk about how... Read More

Is Loyalty Hurting Your Career?

  Webster’s dictionary defines loyalty as “a strong feeling of support or allegiance.” Most people see loyalty the same when it comes to family, friendships, and relationships. But does loyalty have any purpose in business? Here we look at the... Read More
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