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10 Steps You Should Take Before A Recession

  The Let Me Speak To A Manger podcast predicted this recession months ago, and now the only question left is how deep it will get. In this episode, we talk about steps we are taking in our businesses and... Read More

How To Build A One-Of-A-Kind Trading Card Collection (On A Steelworker’s Salary)

  Would you rather own a single-family rental property or a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle baseball card? Depending on where you live, the latter might be a much better investment (and definitely sounds cooler at a cocktail party). In this... Read More

How To Answer Five Common Interview Questions (Part 2)

  This is the second part of our ongoing series on interviewing. We dive into why a hiring manager should ask these questions and what they should look for in an answer. We also offer advice to candidates on how... Read More

News Vs. Noise: October

  Frank and Ian dive into compelling stories driving the news cycle. — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   News Vs. Noise: October Googlers Rail Against CEO’s Austerity, The Fed Doesn’t Care If You Lose... Read More

Is It Better To Be Lucky Or Good?

  How much of a role does luck play in a career? When we study the uber-successful, do they leave clues or are they a product of an impossible combination of fortunate events? — Watch the episode here   Listen... Read More

Will It Hurt Your Career To Work From Home?

  If given the choice, remote work is incredibly appealing. No commute, more flexibility to manage personal responsibilities, more snack breaks, etc. But the long-term financial ramifications of working from home have yet to be determined. Are remote workers more... Read More

What Is “Quiet Quitting” And Who Does It Serve?

  Quiet Quitting is a viral TikTok concept that is working its way into the mainstream. In a nutshell, “quiet quitting” is about rejecting the notion that work has to take over one’s life, and that employees should ever go... Read More

How To Respond To A Competitive Threat

  The PGA golf tour is facing an existential threat from an incredibly wealthy competitor.  The LIV golf tour out of Saudi Arabia is shaking up the world of golf with massive payouts, new rules, and an aggressive approach.  We... Read More

Career Lessons From Legendary Announcer Vin Scully

  The world of sports recently lost one of the greatest play-by-play announcers of all time. Over a career that spanned nearly 70 years, Vin Scully built a brand as the go-to voice for must-see sporting events like the World... Read More
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