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Can You Run Your Career Like Your Fantasy Football Team? (Repost)

  Frank and Ian compare their fantasy football league to the world of business. Fortunately for Frank, he is much better at execution with his business than he is with his fantasy roster. — Watch the episode here   Listen... Read More

Alan Drazen – The Inventor Of The Choco Taco

  In late July, Unilever broke the internet by announcing the discontinuation of one of America’s most iconic treats, the Choco Taco. Frank and Ian were devastated and spent the next 48 hours scouring convenience stores to pile up stock.... Read More

Why Anxiety Is Good For You (Even Though It Feels Bad)

  From the time we are kids, we are taught that anxiety is dangerous and that the solution to its pain is to eradicate it like we do any disease—prevent it, avoid it, and stamp it out at all costs.... Read More

Is It Motivating Or Demotivating To Learn Others’ Salaries?

  Pay inequality is a fact of life. A manager gets paid more than her subordinates, her manager gets paid more than her, and her manager’s boss gets paid even more. Everyone wonders how much their manager makes, and we... Read More

How To Position Yourself For The Next Promotion

  Are you looking to move up in your company? Tired of watching less talented peers get promoted while feeling stuck? This episode is for you. Most decisions to be promoted are made well in advance of the position opening.... Read More

Business Lessons From The Watergate Scandal

  On the 50th anniversary of the infamous Watergate scandal, Frank and Ian dive deep into the lessons from this ugly moment in American history. — Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Business Lessons From... Read More

Do You Work For A Micromanager?

  “Yeah, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come into the office this weekend.” ~Lumbergh, Office Space 7 in 10 people report feeling micromanaged at work, yet only 3 in 10 managers self-report micromanagement tendencies. Of course, everyone... Read More

Is Real Estate Next To Crash?

  Stocks, bonds, and crypto have folded like cheap suits in 2022. Yet residential real estate prices march higher even with mortgage rates doubling in the first six months of this year. As housing affordability indexes approach obscene levels, Frank... Read More

Are You A Multiplier Or A Diminisher?

  In this episode, we dive into a concept made popular by the book, “Multipliers,” by Liz Wiseman. In this book, she looks at two distinctly different types of managers and the impact they have on teams. Multipliers get more... Read More
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