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How To Profit From The “Gig Economy”

  Did you know that 64% of Millenials have or have had a side hustle in the past 12 months? If you think this is just younger generations, that number is still 58% for Gen X and even 44% for... Read More

How To Maximize The Value Of A Real Estate Investment

  In Episode 41, Frank and Ian laid out a plan to raise $4,000,000 in private capital to fund a commercial real estate portfolio. This deal closed in Q3 of 2021 and we talk about the progress made to date... Read More

How Do I Manage My Former Peers After Being Promoted?

  Few transitions are more challenging than managing a group of people who were once your peers. One day, you are grinding it out in the trenches. The next, you are giving them directions. In this episode, we talk about... Read More

Can Managers Have A Bad Day?

  Managers are always on stage. Like it or not, we model behaviors that others emulate. When we are enthusiastic and positive, our teams follow along. And when leaders disengage, it feels like a rainstorm gathering over the office. In... Read More

Surviving A Covid Christmas In Mexico

  Alone, hungry, tired, sick … this is an account of one man’s journey to stay alive and return home to his family against all odds. Also, it is about the time Ian tested positive for Covid and got stuck... Read More

Should Top Performers Get “Star Treatment?”

  In this episode, Frank and Ian debate how to lead superstars in a business. In many companies, 80% of the output comes from 20% of the producers. So should those stars be afforded different perks than their peers? *Ian... Read More

“How Do I Transition From A Technical To A Sales Role?”

  Frank and Ian coach one of their loyal listeners as he approaches a crossroads in his career. “Milosh” is a quality engineer in France who wants to make the move into sales and marketing. In this fun conversation, we... Read More

The Myth Of “Quitters Never Win”

  From a young age, we’re told that quitting is a form of weakness. We learn to equate quitting with losing. When it pertains to school or sports teams, this might be solid advice. But from a professional standpoint, it... Read More

Red Flags To look For When Interviewing For A Job

  At some point in your career, you will likely show up to your first day of work and realize that you made a terrible mistake. And you will likely look back at several points in the process when your... Read More
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